What is Better for a Greenhouse: Plastic or Glass?

halls-magnum-12ft-x-8ft-wide-double-door-greenhouse-md1eg_originalGreenhouses can use either plastic or glass panes. But what is the difference? What are the advantages of using plastic over glass, or visa versa. If you are seeking a glass substitute, https://www.simplyplastics.com/ provide these.


Both glass and plastic substitutes are transparent, and let natural light through the panes. However, when rigid plastics are used, their light transmission decreases overtime as plastics age and turn yellow over time. Therefore, glass provides higher and longer lasting light clarity. Plastics let in between 83 and 85% of light, with glass only beating it slightly by letting in 90% of light.


Plastic substitutes for glass are often cheaper than glass is, however plastic needs to be changed after a few years, meaning that replacements are required. Glass costs more initially but does not require replacements if it becomes old. However, glass is broken easily, therefore you will have to pay out more money to replace it when it breaks. Small cracks can lead to larger problems, requiring panes to be replaced.


Plastic substitutes provide greater insulation than panes of glass, which is essential for a greenhouse environment to culture your plants. Also, if glass is damaged, heat easily escapes from even the smallest of cracks.


Glass is easily broken. Be it from a stray branch let loose in a storm, or a football flying at your precious greenhouse. Where glass panes will shatter, leaving dangerous shards hanging, and letting precious heat out, plastic counterparts stay intact.


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