Whaat You Should Leaflet Should Tell You When You Are Moving

estate-agentThe estate agent industry is a large and profitable industry that the marketing industry always provide services specific for real estate. Among the marketing strategies being used by estate agents is estate agent leaflet distribution. There are many ways to utilise estate agent leaflets. Some agents include leaflets on monthly newsletters both online and local. Others would post leaflets on bulletin boards. And there are also those who will distribute leaflets as handouts during seminars, workshops, trade shows and other real estate events. However, aside from how realtors utilise estate agent leaflet distribution, it’s the contents of the leaflet that significantly impact whether to attract or detract potential buyers. Here are some information that estate agent leaflets should have.

  1. Property name – Though some agents would not include the owner’s name to avoid potential buyers from contacting the owners directly, it is still a good thing to put the name of the property if the owner named it. If not, the last name of the owner could be used just to address the property during conversation between agent and potential buyers.
  2. Property address – Address is very important since potential buyers would always check the address before even considering the property. If an agent is hesitant to put the whole address, just the address of the town or neighborhood is sufficient to give potential customers something to interest them.
  3. Agent’s name – The agent’s name is very important. Most potential buyers would ignore leaflets without the agent’s name thinking it is a scam. The name adds credibility to the leaflet and potential clients could check the background of the agent using the name. This builds trust between agent and clients.
  4. Agent’s contact info – Aside from the name, the contact information is also necessary to have any chance of making property sales. Multiple lines or contact numbers as well as the address and e-mail should be included to provide different options to interested buyers. It allows buyers to choose the contact method they are most comfortable with. If an agent is working for a real estate firm, the name of the firm, address and contact info should also be included so the customers can contact the firm in case it is not possible to reach the agent at the point of contact.
  5. Property photos – Pictures of the property can provide the best impact. A well photographed property can increase the interest of potential buyers while poor quality photos can lower the chances of getting buyers.

If you are planning to use estate agent leaflet distribution to generate more sales, make sure to include everything listed above.


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