Things You’ll Know If You Live In The Countryside

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Living in the countryside can be a perfect and serene location. Many people that live away from the city find their homes idyllic and who wouldn’t? With rolling fields and non-polluted air you have space to breathe both physically and mentally. However living so far away does have it drawbacks so if you are planning on moving away or have recently moved to the countryside here are a few tips on how to survive:

Friends And Family

For starters living in the countryside can get pretty lonely. If you have a local village you may want to make some friends and really start to build yourself a community even if you are scattered a bit further away than everyone else. Plus it is a good idea to arrange regular visits with your friends and family so you don’t feel cut off from everyone else.Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 16.57.48

Stock Up

Being so far away from anything means that you need to develop the skill of bulk buying. Living in a city means that everything is just round the corner and if you run out of something the longest you’d have to travel is a 5 minute journey. Living in the country may be a luxury but you do not have luxury of nearby shops. So stocks up on everything, even the little things that you might overlook.img-0209


It goes without saying that when you live away from almost everything then that includes travel so if you are going to travel anywhere you’ll need to make your own way. When we say trave so to get there are often alternative methods like cycling but being realistic with the distance you are going to need to drive.maxresdefault

Enjoy Your Own Company

Since you will be spending a lot of time by yourself you are going to need to entertain yourself. It is a good idea to develop some hobbies or expand your horizons when it comes to movies.painting-hobby-opt

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