4 Common Problems With Old Bathrooms

No one likes to use a broken bathroom then be it your sink, toilet or shower that is making problem or leaking out. Bathroom is a place that you need everyday before leaving for work or after when you come back in the night. So keeping it in good condition is as essential as you take good care of yourself. But no one is a born plumber to understand the basic problems rising up gradually each day. so here are some common problems that you might be facing with your bathroom over the time just like having to replace a  bathroom ceiling panel or the following problems below:

Blocked Sink Drainage:

One of the common problem that you might come across often is when your sink’s drainage system gets blocked. This is the most irritating situation when your sink is full with dirty water, roll of hairs and other abhominable particles that no one would like to see in the morning before starting off the day.

But we might see such situation if we don’t take care of our sink’s drainage system. The basic reason for this issue to happen is when we miss to keep it clean every day or twice a week. Like our skin, sinks also need to be taken care of well. So you need to check whenever you get time or at least twice a week that water is not getting stuck in drainage pipe of your sink.basin-bathroom-sink-gydepua8

Loose Toilet Bolts:

Another major issue that anyone can come across one fine morning is when you sit on your toilet and it feels a little dizzy. Nope! It’s not earthquake or any other casualty but just that the bolts are not fit well in their place. Over the time, the bolts gets weaker and weaker and we face such issue that is really embarrassing and time wasting.

Suppose, you wake up one morning, go to washroom and get a loose toilet seat then how’d you feel? Definitely you won’t like to use such toilet especially when you’re in rush. So just make sure that you check if your toilet’s bolts at the bottom are fixed properly enough that it’s not shaking too much.bathroom-accessories4

Broken Tiles:

We use a lot of water in the bathroom right? And if we don’t pay attention on sanitation and waterproofing aspects then we might suffer from broken tiles either in center or corners of a bathroom. If a tile breaks then it invites leakage, fungi and other elements that ruin the place when in contact with water. So you need to make sure that you’re taking care of the flooring of your bathroom. A waterproof system is solution for such problem that you need to install properly.Inverno_-roomset_900__1

Broken Taps:

A fine bathroom can prove a mess if the little things like taps are not in good condition. What else a bathroom can be used for if you can use the taps properly or have a hard time to open or close the taps when in need of water. You need to make sure that your tabs are in good condition and are not getting break by the time.Traditional_taps_m_m

Why As a Landlord You Need Third Party Validation Services

landlords1Getting into the business of home renovation can be extremely difficult and once you do you aren’t guaranteed to ever have full financial safety. However ultimately as a landlord you will want to get a solid return on your investment of renting out. With the help of a third party property management company like Inhous you can be guaranteed to receive the maximum return on your property. If you aren’t convinced yet here are a few landlord mishaps that are enough to make anyone cautious.

Late Rent

As a landlord you trust the inhabitants of your property to pay you the full amount on time, almost like a contract. However the difficulty that comes a long with this is that they are living in your property, so what can you do if your renters do not pay?


You will have put a lot of effort into decorating the property and ensuring it is up to standard since you are hoping to make a profit. So quite possibly the most irritating thing that a landlord could face is that all of his hard work has gone to waste on behalf of your tenants.


Thirdly another irritating problem that landlords face regards the decoration and renovation of the property. Landlords have to continuously renovate the property in order to keep it up to date with standards for fear of getting a bad review.


Improving Home Security during Winter Made Easy

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.19.30

With December just a few weeks away, it’s no wonder that a lot of people are now preparing their homes for the upcoming winter season. In fact, it’s a good idea to start preparing for the winter days as early as now to avoid the inconvenience of upgrading the locks in your house during the snow season.

It is vital to improve or replace the locks in your house during the winter because this is always the time of the year when families would usually leave their homes for a Christmas holiday. Also, nights are usually longer during the winter season, so it always makes sense to improve or replace the old locks in your house. For those who want to start as early as now regarding boosting home security there are companies providing locksmith services in and around the Solihull area.

Or follow these tips:

  • When winter comes, it will be difficult to change the locks in your shed and garage. Before the snow starts to drop, start inspecting the locks of your garage or shed. Install quality locks on your shed and garage if you don’t have them already.
  • While inspecting your shed or garage, check if your tool box has good locks. There are cases where thieves gain access to tools, and they use your tools to break into your home to steal stuff. So as a precaution, always make sure that your toolboxes have their locks!
  • After checking your shed, inspect your garden or lawn. Fix any broken fences and check the quality of the locks on your gate. If you have a big garden and have multiple gates, always make sure that each gate has new locks installed.
  • Take the time to call a certified and trusted locksmith to inspect all the locks in your house. With the packages they offer, these guys can even upgrade or recommend good locks for your home. Make sure that the locksmith checks every door and window in your home. As the saying always goes, better to be safe than sorry.
  • Thieves can easily smash windows to gain entry into your home. You might want to change to reinforced glass or double glazing to prevent this. If this is too expensive for your tastes, consider installing decorative grills or bars on your windows. It will keep thieves from breaking through your windows.
  • If your budget permits it is a good idea to invest in a good CCTV system. Not only are they good deterrents against thieves, but you can also monitor everything that is going on outside your home. And if someone does break into your home, the CCTV will keep a record of the video, this helps in identifying the suspects when the police show up.
  • If you recently moved in into a new house, there is a small chance that the previous owner of the house may have shared the house keys with someone else. Talk to a professional locksmith at once regarding this issue.

Always remember these simple, but effective tips for keeping your home safe and sound during winter.

5 Necessities That Make A House Your Home

There is a difference between a house and a home. A house is something with four walls that you can stay in but a home is something entirely different. A home is somewhere that you feel is your own, you can personalise it and fill it with people and things that you love. When it comes to making a home how it is decorated matters a great deal because it should be a representation of yourself.


A sofa is somewhere that the majority of people spend their time. Most people would argue that it is just a place for sitting but a sofa is where memories are made. You can sit there with your family and watch movies or fall asleep on it when you’re that bit too tired from work. There are so many different styles of sofas so it is important to pick a sofa that works for you. Contemporary-and-Beautiful-Cortina-Sofa-Design-for-Home-Interior-Furniture-by-Alstons-Upholstery

Curtain and Blinds

Windows are something that every home has and they are a basic necessity too. But a window needs curtains or blinds, not just to keep out the light and give you a sense of privacy but it is another area in which you can express your personal style and Express Blinds can help you with that.Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 17.39.16


Beds are truly the most personal item within a home and that is because people have different levels of comfort. Much like Goldie Locks and the three bears you have to find the bed that is just right for you. Since everyone sleeps a home really wouldn’t be a home without a bed.slider3-1080x675


When you pick your home a door is something that everyone is going to see and so pick a colour that truly represents yourself.door-close


You can fill your home with as much furniture as you like but home ornaments really are the windows to someone’s sole. You don’t have to have your house decked head to toe but a few little figurines really will make your house your home.Home-Ornaments-7

Things You’ll Know If You Live In The Countryside

In The Countryside Desktop Background

Living in the countryside can be a perfect and serene location. Many people that live away from the city find their homes idyllic and who wouldn’t? With rolling fields and non-polluted air you have space to breathe both physically and mentally. However living so far away does have it drawbacks so if you are planning on moving away or have recently moved to the countryside here are a few tips on how to survive:

Friends And Family

For starters living in the countryside can get pretty lonely. If you have a local village you may want to make some friends and really start to build yourself a community even if you are scattered a bit further away than everyone else. Plus it is a good idea to arrange regular visits with your friends and family so you don’t feel cut off from everyone else.Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 16.57.48

Stock Up

Being so far away from anything means that you need to develop the skill of bulk buying. Living in a city means that everything is just round the corner and if you run out of something the longest you’d have to travel is a 5 minute journey. Living in the country may be a luxury but you do not have luxury of nearby shops. So stocks up on everything, even the little things that you might overlook.img-0209


It goes without saying that when you live away from almost everything then that includes travel so if you are going to travel anywhere you’ll need to make your own way. When we say trave so to get there are often alternative methods like cycling but being realistic with the distance you are going to need to drive.maxresdefault

Enjoy Your Own Company

Since you will be spending a lot of time by yourself you are going to need to entertain yourself. It is a good idea to develop some hobbies or expand your horizons when it comes to movies.painting-hobby-opt

Whaat You Should Leaflet Should Tell You When You Are Moving

estate-agentThe estate agent industry is a large and profitable industry that the marketing industry always provide services specific for real estate. Among the marketing strategies being used by estate agents is estate agent leaflet distribution. There are many ways to utilise estate agent leaflets. Some agents include leaflets on monthly newsletters both online and local. Others would post leaflets on bulletin boards. And there are also those who will distribute leaflets as handouts during seminars, workshops, trade shows and other real estate events. However, aside from how realtors utilise estate agent leaflet distribution, it’s the contents of the leaflet that significantly impact whether to attract or detract potential buyers. Here are some information that estate agent leaflets should have.

  1. Property name – Though some agents would not include the owner’s name to avoid potential buyers from contacting the owners directly, it is still a good thing to put the name of the property if the owner named it. If not, the last name of the owner could be used just to address the property during conversation between agent and potential buyers.
  2. Property address – Address is very important since potential buyers would always check the address before even considering the property. If an agent is hesitant to put the whole address, just the address of the town or neighborhood is sufficient to give potential customers something to interest them.
  3. Agent’s name – The agent’s name is very important. Most potential buyers would ignore leaflets without the agent’s name thinking it is a scam. The name adds credibility to the leaflet and potential clients could check the background of the agent using the name. This builds trust between agent and clients.
  4. Agent’s contact info – Aside from the name, the contact information is also necessary to have any chance of making property sales. Multiple lines or contact numbers as well as the address and e-mail should be included to provide different options to interested buyers. It allows buyers to choose the contact method they are most comfortable with. If an agent is working for a real estate firm, the name of the firm, address and contact info should also be included so the customers can contact the firm in case it is not possible to reach the agent at the point of contact.
  5. Property photos – Pictures of the property can provide the best impact. A well photographed property can increase the interest of potential buyers while poor quality photos can lower the chances of getting buyers.

If you are planning to use estate agent leaflet distribution to generate more sales, make sure to include everything listed above.


What is Better for a Greenhouse: Plastic or Glass?

halls-magnum-12ft-x-8ft-wide-double-door-greenhouse-md1eg_originalGreenhouses can use either plastic or glass panes. But what is the difference? What are the advantages of using plastic over glass, or visa versa. If you are seeking a glass substitute, https://www.simplyplastics.com/ provide these.


Both glass and plastic substitutes are transparent, and let natural light through the panes. However, when rigid plastics are used, their light transmission decreases overtime as plastics age and turn yellow over time. Therefore, glass provides higher and longer lasting light clarity. Plastics let in between 83 and 85% of light, with glass only beating it slightly by letting in 90% of light.


Plastic substitutes for glass are often cheaper than glass is, however plastic needs to be changed after a few years, meaning that replacements are required. Glass costs more initially but does not require replacements if it becomes old. However, glass is broken easily, therefore you will have to pay out more money to replace it when it breaks. Small cracks can lead to larger problems, requiring panes to be replaced.


Plastic substitutes provide greater insulation than panes of glass, which is essential for a greenhouse environment to culture your plants. Also, if glass is damaged, heat easily escapes from even the smallest of cracks.


Glass is easily broken. Be it from a stray branch let loose in a storm, or a football flying at your precious greenhouse. Where glass panes will shatter, leaving dangerous shards hanging, and letting precious heat out, plastic counterparts stay intact.


Home Renovations Ready For Winter

homeAlthough the weather is getting colder it doesn’t mean the home renovation season has stopped. In fact it is just as important to have your home looking good in winter because the truth is people stay inside more. Meaning you may have frequent guests expecting a cosy haven from the cold and maybe the odd cup of tea. Here’s a few winter renovation tips to get your home up and ready for the winter season and whoever should walk through your door.


A fireplace is a great addition to the home in the winter and the perfect way to keep warm but your fireplace may not be as optimal as it could be. Look into having your fireplace looked at by a professional. They will be able to ensure your fireplace is working at its best and ready to warm your house and family.Summit-Ridge-Fireplace


In winter if you’re going to be having guests over you’ll want your house to be as warm as possible. Installing or renovating your fireplace isn’t the only way to get that desired effect. Even simply installing carpets around your house can make your house a lot warmer.Grey-Cobble-carpet_0

Plastering and Rendering

The walls of your house could be another great way to make your house warmer for the winter. The plastering and rendering of your houses’ walls can wear down due to extreme weather conditions, which in winter we have no shortage of. It is a great idea to have your plastering and rendering redone for the winter months and Ecorend can help.plaster


In older houses the insulation can wear down or may not even be up to the standards necessary for housing regulations. It is suggested that before winter hits you can get your insulation redone to help make your home cosy enough to have as many guests as you like.loft2

Tiny Apartments Must Haves

If we could have our way, we won’t let ourselves live in small house or apartment. However, some of us are in a situation where they don’t really have other options but to deal with studio type spaces.

Make the place and situation more cozy and livable by making sure that you arm yourself with these tiny apartments must haves.

Enough Natural Light

Tiny spaces will look a little wider and spacious as long as you have enough natural light. So make sure you make the most out of that window. Don’t cover it up with heavy and dark drapes during day time and don’t use an air conditioning system that will eat that entire window.

Portable Air Conditioning

Speaking of air conditioning, you might wanna opt for portable ones. They can be easily packed when you’re moving or traveling, buying and maintaining it won’t cost you as much compared to central and window air conditioning, more importantly it cools a specific area just fine without taking up too much space.

Sleeper Sofa

Hence the name, this will serve as your bed and can be turned into a sofa so your visitors don’t have to stand around or make do with your floor when they’re at your pace. Two-in-one furniture is tiny apartment’s best friend.

Vertical Shelves

Knowing that you’re in a thigh situation, you have to come up with ways on how to maximize the space that you have. One way is to use vertical shelves. It will save floor space but will still let you hold more things.

Smart Storage

Much like vertical shelves and two-in-one-furniture, the aim is to save space, hold more, and be multi-functional. You’re gotta be smart with your storage if you don’t want to live between tiny spaces of your furniture and appliances.


Why Keeping Your Car Safe Is So Important

Car owners have a lot to consider with regards to their cars. One thing is properly maintain the car at top condition to prevent any issues like getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. Another is how to drive safely to keep themselves safe as well as their passengers. Following traffic rules and keeping attention to road and traffic conditions are necessary to ensure safety. And lastly, keep your car safe from thieves. Keeping your car safe from criminals is a very crucial and challenging task.car-safety-first And here are the reasons why keeping your car safe is so important.

  1. Your transportation – Your car is your primary means of transportation. It allows you to go to places without having to wait for a taxi or go to a bus stop. Your car can carry your whole family through long distance trips or outings. In the event that your car get stolen or damaged, you won’t be able to travel conveniently since you will have to take public transportations where you share your space with other people while traveling.
  2. Valuables – When you are traveling, you place your important belongings and valuables inside the car. Throughout the whole trip, the chances of having your valuables stolen while driving your own car is very slim. On the other hand, public transportation increases the chance of losing your valuables since you will have to travel with strangers.
  3. Expensive – Even secondhand cars are expensive. Unless you are wealthy and can afford to lose a few cars, losing a car can hamper you financially since most likely, you need to spend more money to buy a new one even if your car is covered by insurance. The amount you invest in your car is more than enough to make sure that your car is always safe.
  4. Liabilities – There are several cases where stolen cars are used for robberies and other criminal activities. In the event that you haven’t reported your car as stolen especially if you are sleeping when the incident happened, chances are you will be held liable for any damages or injuries caused by your car if no other suspect is found. You will have to cover for hospitalization fees and property damages. In the worst case where there are fatalities involved, you might be facing criminal punishment unless a suspect is found.
  5. Insurance Premiums – Several car insurance covers auto theft. However, in the event that your car is stolen, the chances of an increased in your insurance premiums is high.

With such inconveniences you might get once you lose your car, it is only right to keep your car safe at all times and look into storage for cars.