Home Renovations Ready For Winter

homeAlthough the weather is getting colder it doesn’t mean the home renovation season has stopped. In fact it is just as important to have your home looking good in winter because the truth is people stay inside more. Meaning you may have frequent guests expecting a cosy haven from the cold and maybe the odd cup of tea. Here’s a few winter renovation tips to get your home up and ready for the winter season and whoever should walk through your door.


A fireplace is a great addition to the home in the winter and the perfect way to keep warm but your fireplace may not be as optimal as it could be. Look into having your fireplace looked at by a professional. They will be able to ensure your fireplace is working at its best and ready to warm your house and family.Summit-Ridge-Fireplace


In winter if you’re going to be having guests over you’ll want your house to be as warm as possible. Installing or renovating your fireplace isn’t the only way to get that desired effect. Even simply installing carpets around your house can make your house a lot warmer.Grey-Cobble-carpet_0

Plastering and Rendering

The walls of your house could be another great way to make your house warmer for the winter. The plastering and rendering of your houses’ walls can wear down due to extreme weather conditions, which in winter we have no shortage of. It is a great idea to have your plastering and rendering redone for the winter months and Ecorend can help.plaster


In older houses the insulation can wear down or may not even be up to the standards necessary for housing regulations. It is suggested that before winter hits you can get your insulation redone to help make your home cosy enough to have as many guests as you like.loft2

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