Different Kinds Of Building Contractors

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The construction industry has become one of the top industries in the world. Millions of construction projects are carried every day from small houses to skyscrapers. With so much business opportunities in construction, there are a lot of building contractors which offer their services all throughout the world. Though they cater construction projects, they don’t provide the same kind of services. There are many kinds of building contractors which are can meet all kinds of construction demands. Here are the different kinds of building contractors you can hire.

  1. General contractor – General contractors provide overall building construction services. You can hire them to build a new house or building as well as renovate preexisting building. General contractors have experts in all kinds of trades from architects, carpenters, masons, plumbers and interior designers. If you cannot find a building contractor which specialize on the project you need, you can always rely on general contractors to do the job. In fact a general contractor will even do a kitchen installation North London.
  2. Electrician – Electrician handles all the wiring installations in the building. They make sure that all rooms have access to electricity. They also cater installation of the lighting system. They install the wiring system to evenly distribute the power supply without the risk of shorting the circuit in the building. Electricians are also expert on installing different types of power supply to the building.
  3. Plumber – Plumber handles of the plumbing system in the building. This includes the water supply to the toilet, kitchen, faucets and every location which needs water. They also install the drainage system as well as the septic systems. The heating system or cooling system which requires water is also the job of the plumber.
  4. Heating & ductwork – This contractor specialize on heating systems and ductwork. They can install furnace, heating conditioners and overall heating system.
  5. Drywall contractor – Once the plumbing and power system are finished, drywall contractor can start the job. It includes installing drywall and sanding the wall smooth.
  6. Painter – Once the drywall is complete, painters can then paint the wall depending on the style of the client. They often apply a primer first before coating the wall with the finished paint.
  7. Finish carpenter – This contractor focuses on the building interior. Baseboards, windows and doors are among the job of the finish carpenter.

If you are planning a new construction project, contact a general building contractor and ask the different services they provide. If there is something that lacks, you can then hire a different kind of building contractor to complement the general contractor and complete the whole project without a

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