Choosing a TV mirror for your home

no51-tv-on-range-thumbWith televisions getting bigger than ever before, they take up a lot more room in our homes and it can be hard to know where to put them. Flat screen technology has made it possible to wall mount our televisions and save space within the room, but televisions can still look obtrusive and imposing when not in use. Thankfully, there is an elegant and stylish solution that will look amazing in any home.

TV mirrors make fantastic features in a home or workplace. The screen is hidden by mirrored glass when not in use, and can be surrounded by a classy frame which will create a focal point for any room. Mirrors are often used by interior designers to create the illusion of space in a small room or to make best use of the available light. You no longer have to choose between a large TV screen and a large mirror – you can combine the two to save space and double up on efficiency as well.

When choosing a mirror TV, there is no need to compromise on viewing quality. TV mirrors use high grade LED HD technology, hidden by finished glass. The high sheen of the mirror is reduced by the visual effects of the powered television, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted viewing with no glare or distortion. Some of the world’s leading television manufacturers have produced mirrored versions of their flat screen televisions, so you can expect top quality performance. Screens are available in all manner of sizes, and you can still enjoy the same smart TV functionality you would on a regular set, as many mirrored screen TVs are compatible with internet devices and have full connectivity as standard.

Mirrored television sets are a great choice for the living room, but you could also consider getting one for the bedroom. You can enjoy your favourite shows from the comfort of your bed, and still have room for a large mirror when you are getting ready in the morning. Whatever your lifestyle and however your home is arranged, a TV mirror is the perfect choice when you don’t want to choose between style and function.

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