Tiny Apartments Must Haves

If we could have our way, we won’t let ourselves live in small house or apartment. However, some of us are in a situation where they don’t really have other options but to deal with studio type spaces.

Make the place and situation more cozy and livable by making sure that you arm yourself with these tiny apartments must haves.

Enough Natural Light

Tiny spaces will look a little wider and spacious as long as you have enough natural light. So make sure you make the most out of that window. Don’t cover it up with heavy and dark drapes during day time and don’t use an air conditioning system that will eat that entire window.

Portable Air Conditioning

Speaking of air conditioning, you might wanna opt for portable ones. They can be easily packed when you’re moving or traveling, buying and maintaining it won’t cost you as much compared to central and window air conditioning, more importantly it cools a specific area just fine without taking up too much space.

Sleeper Sofa

Hence the name, this will serve as your bed and can be turned into a sofa so your visitors don’t have to stand around or make do with your floor when they’re at your pace. Two-in-one furniture is tiny apartment’s best friend.

Vertical Shelves

Knowing that you’re in a thigh situation, you have to come up with ways on how to maximize the space that you have. One way is to use vertical shelves. It will save floor space but will still let you hold more things.

Smart Storage

Much like vertical shelves and two-in-one-furniture, the aim is to save space, hold more, and be multi-functional. You’re gotta be smart with your storage if you don’t want to live between tiny spaces of your furniture and appliances.


Making a Home Perfectly Livable

One’s home is one’s treasure, and being able to own one, separate from that of your parent’s, is already a personal achievement. This is the chance one has been dreaming of for a long time. Whether it’s a house, an apartment unit, or a condominium unit, just all space all to yourself is already a dream come true.

Units or houses that are already furnished is one big advantage and at the same time costs a lot than an empty one, especially when you have old furniture that you can still use, then go with the latter you can separate the furniture that you keep and want to let go. Selling those that you don’t want anymore will earn cash for you to be able to buy new furniture and appliances you still don’t have.

home decorWe always want our house to look perfect, from the décor, to maintaining cleanliness every day,  to just making it look welcoming, as they say your home is a reflection of your individuality. There’s almost that feeling of change every time we wake up, and our creativity starts to roll and we find ourselves trying to re-do that entire one can inside one’s home.

Tips to think about when the idea of remodeling or re-organizing your home comes to mind:
• If you’re just doing simple rearrangements of furniture, see to it that you’ll properly protect your flooring, especially if they are prone to scratches. You’ll be pulling and pushing stuff to other areas of the house especially the heavy ones, so see to it that you’ll make precautions not to destroy your flooring.
• A big project on mind, list down your plans – will you need a contractor to help you with the execution or you’ll be doing it on your own. Weigh the pros and cons of this decision and choose the best and convenient choice possible for the job to be done. Budget wise, this may be one factor that you will be considering in deciding between the two.
home decorator• You have decided to get a contractor or a professional home decorator – see to it that the people you’ll be hiring are credible enough to complete the job and present it the way you want it to be. Do research as well with regards to their profile, you’ll be temporary handing down your house or unit for their access, it sure will be a headache if they turn out to be scammers.
• Budgetly speaking, it’s cheaper yet so flexible if you’ll be the one to do the decorating job. Just see to it that you do trials first before really doing it in actual, later on the thought that you have saved by not getting a contractor was definitely the opposite because at the end, expenses doubled because your DIY project didn’t work and it just caused more damage.