4 Common Problems With Old Bathrooms

No one likes to use a broken bathroom then be it your sink, toilet or shower that is making problem or leaking out. Bathroom is a place that you need everyday before leaving for work or after when you come back in the night. So keeping it in good condition is as essential as you take good care of yourself. But no one is a born plumber to understand the basic problems rising up gradually each day. so here are some common problems that you might be facing with your bathroom over the time just like having to replace a  bathroom ceiling panel or the following problems below:

Blocked Sink Drainage:

One of the common problem that you might come across often is when your sink’s drainage system gets blocked. This is the most irritating situation when your sink is full with dirty water, roll of hairs and other abhominable particles that no one would like to see in the morning before starting off the day.

But we might see such situation if we don’t take care of our sink’s drainage system. The basic reason for this issue to happen is when we miss to keep it clean every day or twice a week. Like our skin, sinks also need to be taken care of well. So you need to check whenever you get time or at least twice a week that water is not getting stuck in drainage pipe of your sink.basin-bathroom-sink-gydepua8

Loose Toilet Bolts:

Another major issue that anyone can come across one fine morning is when you sit on your toilet and it feels a little dizzy. Nope! It’s not earthquake or any other casualty but just that the bolts are not fit well in their place. Over the time, the bolts gets weaker and weaker and we face such issue that is really embarrassing and time wasting.

Suppose, you wake up one morning, go to washroom and get a loose toilet seat then how’d you feel? Definitely you won’t like to use such toilet especially when you’re in rush. So just make sure that you check if your toilet’s bolts at the bottom are fixed properly enough that it’s not shaking too much.bathroom-accessories4

Broken Tiles:

We use a lot of water in the bathroom right? And if we don’t pay attention on sanitation and waterproofing aspects then we might suffer from broken tiles either in center or corners of a bathroom. If a tile breaks then it invites leakage, fungi and other elements that ruin the place when in contact with water. So you need to make sure that you’re taking care of the flooring of your bathroom. A waterproof system is solution for such problem that you need to install properly.Inverno_-roomset_900__1

Broken Taps:

A fine bathroom can prove a mess if the little things like taps are not in good condition. What else a bathroom can be used for if you can use the taps properly or have a hard time to open or close the taps when in need of water. You need to make sure that your tabs are in good condition and are not getting break by the time.Traditional_taps_m_m